About Us




Erin got her start working in a construction & real estate office. There she learned many skills needed in the administrative world including customer service and time management. From there she worked as an administrative assistant and manager in other real estate offices assisting real estate agents so they could be more efficient in their jobs.
Here at King’s Auto Repair Erin will bring her knowledge of organization and efficiency to help, her husband Justin and their friend and business partner Nick, in their daily tasks.



My interest in cars started when I bought my first car, a 1972 AMC Rambler Ambassador. I tackled some auto repairs on it and installed a stereo. My senior year of high school I got a job here at King’s Auto Repair and worked for 3 years until I decided to try my luck at a dealership. I then worked for Allen Motor Company for a year until they sold the dealership, then worked for Grovert Chevrolet for 4 years. I then became the mechanic for Johnson County SEATS for 3 years. After a few years Nick and I approached Steve about buying King’s Auto Repair. We loved the shop and the relationship with the customers and here I am full circle now as one of the three owners of King’s Auto Repair.
When I have time away from the shop I enjoy being outdoors, working on my aquarium, or working on my own cars.



I have always had a fascination with things that roll and go since I was a kid. I wanted to know how things worked mechanically and truly appreciated the engineering behind it. My true love for auto mechanics and understanding of all the systems started when my father and I built a 1932 Ford street rod in high school. I attended Kirkwood Automotive Technology and Auto Collision where I became friends with Justin. I took Justin’s position at King’s when he left and have worked here ever since.